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Electric fireplaces are becoming more popular than traditional fireplaces since it requires minimal effort to run safely and keep them clean. Unlike a wood burning fireplace, electric fireplaces don’t emit detrimental by-products such as smoke or ash.

Cleaning your electric fireplace is necessary, and this should be done more often. Aside from maintaining its good condition, cleaning your electric fireplace plays a big role in ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely. There are simple steps in cleaning electric fireplaces that you can easily follow.


How to Clean  Electric Fireplaces

How to Clean Your Electric Fireplace-Your Step by Step Guide

Though cleaning your electric fireplace is not a strict regular requirement, you still need to clean it when necessary. Here’s how:

Turn off and unplug your electric fireplace

The very first step you need to take is switching off and disconnecting your electric fireplace from its power source before cleaning it. This is a vital step to prevent unwanted electric shocks and other incidents during cleaning. Upon fully disconnecting it, allow it to cool down completely before you clean it. You need to do this if you’re currently running the electric unit.


To clean your electric fireplace, begin with the exterior. There are dust build-ups and markings on the exterior that you wish to remove for safety and aesthetic reasons. When cleaning the exterior, you must clean the unit’s ember bed.

Since this part accumulates dust, you need to clean this using a cloth soaked in warm tap water. The cloth must be damp, not wet. Use this cloth in wiping the ember bed. You can consider using a vacuum to remove excess dust before you wipe it down.

The heater inlet and outlet are also parts of the electric fireplace that accumulate dust. It’s crucial to clean these parts if you want to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your fireplaces. If vents are blocked with debris or dust, this might result in overheating. Use a clean damp cloth in cleaning the heater inlet and outlet.

Glass Screen

The glass screen is another part you need to clean. Since electric fireplaces do not make use of real fire, the glass of the electric fireplace should not have intense staining, but it is still possible to get marked or dusty over time. When cleaning the inside and outside glass screen of your unit, make sure to use a damp cloth.


It is not advised to open the electric fireplace to access the unit’s internal electronic components. But it’s necessary if there’s dust on the flame effect or blower components. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to make sure that the electric fireplace is completely disconnected from the power source before cleaning and touching the internal parts. For plug-in models, unplug them completely from the wall, and for the wired-in fireplace, disconnect using the fuse box. Use a dry cloth instead of damp ones in cleaning your unit’s interior.

In case your unit utilizes a fan-forced heater, the blower is one of the essential parts. When cleaning the blower, you are advised to use a dry microfiber cloth or vacuum to remove visible debris and dust.

Aside from the heating element, an electric fireplace comes with parts responsible for creating flame effects, namely the flame-effect generating parts. These are mirrors attached to the motorized rod and a light source, either a halogen bulb or LED strip. Clean these parts carefully using a microfiber cloth.If you are planning to invest in electric fireplaces, contact us now. Feel free to check out our fireplace stock list and choose the product that perfectly matches your needs.