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With the grills you’ll find at Darden Building Materials, you won’t just be cooking, you’ll be cooking with the best. We’re proud to offer top brands like Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grill, Broilmaster, Primo Grill, Napoleon, and Saber, all at smoking hot prices.These trusted names have delivered proven grilling results for decades, so if you’re serious about outdoor cooking, don’t settle for anything less. After all, with the effort you put into recipes, marinades, and prep work, you deserve a grill that holds up its end of the bargain.Need BBQ Accessories? We carry those too! Come by and see us today!

Gas Grills:

Gas barbecue grills are cooking appliances that allow chefs to prepare and cook a variety of meats and vegetables at different cooking temperatures. With a gas grill, you can cook out during any time of the year. It can be 0 degrees outside in the middle of winter and you can still fire up your gas grill. Gas grills can easily be cleaned after using.

Charcoal Grills:

Electric Grills:

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