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Tool Sets

Looking for a new tool set? We have many styles available; Forged, Modern, Stove, Traditional, and Single Tools.

Wood Holders

You don’t have to bundle up and trudge out to your garage every time you need more firewood. Our log baskets and wood holders can provide you with a convenient way to store firewood right by your fireplace, saving you time and effort. And, of course, a log holder will help you avoid being stuck in the cold, which is what motivated you to get a wood burning stove or fireplace in the first place.


Hearth rugs add the perfect finishing touch to your fireplace with decorative style and dependable protection. Hot cinders will damage the fibers, but will not allow the flame to spread.


Steel and cast iron constructed grates in a range of sizes are essential for fireplaces with access to spreading hot coals and safe log placement.

Coal/ Pellet Buckets

Don’t mess with hot ashes! Keep your fireplace or wood stove clean and ash free with our ash buckets, ash pails and ash containers that make collecting and disposing of ashes safe and easy.

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