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Traditional fireplaces are keys to creating a cozy atmosphere with their hissing logs. These fireplaces also create a simple yet stylish look that complements any space. Some people are hesitant to use fireplaces due to safety issues but there’s a safer way of using these and it’s using a fireplace screen. Aside from enjoying fireplaces the safer way, you will also be experiencing evenly diffused heat out of these decorative statements.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fireplace Screen

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fireplace Screen

There’s no doubt that a fireplace screen has the power to upgrade a room and create an amazing hot and red fire experience. But your choices can make or break this entire experience, so choosing a fireplace screen that works both for your room and your fireplace itself is important. The following are 5 essential things to consider when purchasing your fireplace screen:

1. Type 

Before investing in a fireplace screen, you need to decide first the type of screen that you need. Fireplace screens come in all styles, materials, and sizes, making it challenging to choose the right one. Thus, it’s imperative to have a clear idea of your needs and what you are looking for. Before you begin browsing, figure out the type of fireplace screen that perfectly matches your needs.

Available choices include traditional and freestanding screens which are considered simple yet versatile solutions, paneled models that range between 3 and 5 sections, and fireplace screens with doors ideal for those suffering from back issues or struggling to carry bigger items. If you are more into flexibility, folding fireplace screens can be your best bet and if you prefer decorative types, you can consider spark guards.

2. Size 

Calculating the right size of your screen is crucial when buying a fireplace screen. Begin by measuring the fireplace’s opening and add at least an inch in height and 2 inches in width. These measurements are the required minimums to guarantee your safety. Nevertheless, this option still depends on the size and style of your entire fireplace. If the screen looks small on your fireplace, you can always consider getting a bigger one.

3. Material 

Your room and your needs are two factors to think about when choosing the right materials. Due to purpose and location, fireplace screens must be made of durable and fireproof materials. Metals are a popular option. This material is reliable, easy to maintain, and durable and preserves the fire’s view. Glass is also an ideal option, especially if you want to enjoy the view of dancing flames. The stained-glass models are perfect choices if you want to add colorful touches. You can experiment with materials if you’re planning to use your fireplace screen for decorative purposes.

4. Safety

When choosing a screen for a wood burning fireplace, always consider safety. This includes ways you’re going to handle the screen. A foldable and lightweight option is considerable if you are struggling with weights. If you have kids at home who used to roam and crawl around, consider getting a lockable fireplace screen.

5. Style 

For consistent results, make sure that your fireplace screen complements its surroundings. Possible options include decorative three-paneled screens ideal for traditional rooms and streamlined options for a modern and minimalist result. Stained glass helps in reinforcing interiors and art décor and the Victorian-style brass models are perfect bets if you want to add a classic and majestic touch.

A fireplace screen is a great investment for your home. These screens are better and safer products allowing you to safely enjoy your fireplace and make the most of its functions. Contact us if you’re thinking about a fireplace upgrade. We have a wide array of options for fireplace screens from leading brands.