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Whether you aspire to recreate the feel of the Victorian era or want to finish your chimney with the clean, simple lines of a classic chimney pot, Darden Building Materials can help.
In order to select a chimney pot that will function properly, it is important to consider the top opening in relation to the fireplace opening, and the base dimension of the chimney pot in relation to the flue it is covering.
The top opening of the pot should be in ratio to the fireplace opening. The chimney pot opening is often smaller than the effective area of the flue liner in order to reduce the effect of wind on the draft. Flue area is typically about 1/10 the fireplace opening area for square flues and about 1/12 for round flues.
For chimney pots, this ratio is often reduced to 1/15 – 1/20. The base inside dimension should be nearly as large as or larger than the largest dimension of the flue the pot is being installed on. The chimney pot should not impinge on the effective area by more than 3/4 of an inch. Many other factors, such as fireplace chimney construction and house air pressure can affect proper chimney operation.

Copper Chimney Pots

Every home deserves the safety and quality that a European Copper chimney pot provides. UL-listed and now Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified as 100 percent recyclable and ideal for LEED projects, our patented copper chimney pots protect your flue while making it look fabulous.

Ele-Metal Chimney Pots

The wispy heat of a blazing fire rises to infinity, creating a warm bridge between heaven and earth. Our Ele-Metal Clay Pots have all the appeal of our popular traditional clay pots, at a fraction of the weight. Earthcore’s Ele-Metal clay pots are fashioned from 24” gauge terracotta colored Kynar steel. They’re available in over 28 colors. And come standard with a 20-year warranty.

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Darden Building Materials assumes no responsibility for the improper performance of the fireplace system caused by inadequate draft due to environmental conditions, down drafts, tight sealing construction of the structure, or mechanical exhausting devices which will create a negative air pressure within the structure where the fireplace is located.
To avoid personal injury or property damage, the products described on this website must be installed, operated and maintained in strict compliance with the instructions packaged with each product and all applicable building or fire codes. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection requirements. All photographs and drawings on this website are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended for, nor should they be used as a substitute for the instructions packaged with the unit. Appearance and specifications of the products are subject to change without notice. All installations and maintenance must be performed by a qualified technician. Failure to adhere to product instructions will void all warranties and liability.