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Reviewing Outdoor Heaters

Bromic makes contemporary outdoor heaters that can add comfort and style to your outdoor relaxation areas. Here’s what you need to know about the Bromic Eclipse, Platinum, and Tungsten outdoor heater collections.


Why Invest in Bromic Outdoor Heaters 

Outdoor heaters are great additions to outdoor spaces. Having these heaters means more heat and warmth so everyone can enjoy the great outdoors all year round. Invest in outdoor heaters to maximize and enjoy your outdoor space even if the weather gets frosty or chilly. Various outdoor heating options are available today, but a Bromic outdoor heater can be one of your best options.

Why Invest in Bromic Outdoor Heaters?

Bromic heaters heat objects and people rather than heating the air around, making radiant heat a more reliable and effective source of outdoor heating since these are less affected by winds. There are many reasons to invest in Bromic outdoor heaters. These types of heaters are engineered, designed, and crafted from high-quality materials.

Bromic heaters are created to deliver the perfect balance of beauty, reliability, and performance. Functional and powerful Bromic heaters can quickly heat outdoor areas, providing a warming and comfortable glow throughout the year.

Bromic outdoor heaters come in an exclusive series, such as the Bromic Eclipse, Platinum, and Tungsten. Read on to know what you can expect from these collections.

  • Bromic Eclipse

The Bromic Eclipse is a smart-heat and powerful portable outdoor heater designed to deliver light and radiant warmth and style for every designed-focused outdoor area. The Eclipse series allows you to reimagine your outdoor series with its unique designs that add warmth, style, and light to your outdoor space.

The Bromic Eclipse outdoor heater is what you need if you want to add style, ambiance, functionality, comfort, and warmth to your outdoor area. Another good thing about this portable outdoor heater is that it comes in six unique mounting options. It’s ideal not only for residential areas but also for commercial outdoor spaces.

  • Bromic Platinum

The Bromic Platinum outdoor heater is suited to design-focused and low-clearance outdoor areas. This electric outdoor heater spreads comfort evenly in outdoor areas and can blend seamlessly into the background with its convenient mounting solutions. The Bromic Platinum series is crafted from premium quality materials and designed with guaranteed functionality and elegance.  Reliability, beauty, and performance are never compromised with this outdoor heater.

  • Bromic Tungsten

The Tungsten series also delivers radiant and high-performance outdoor heating. It even works well in semi-closed spaces. One of the best features of this portable outdoor heater series is its high-temperature coating ideal for all environments. It comes with durable stainless steel construction, and its robust element is responsible for emitting a soft red glow creating a warm ambiance in your space.

The Bromic Tungsten outdoor heater’s well-engineered body helps in producing formidable heat, creating an ultimately comfortable outdoor space. It has easy pivot arms that allow greater maneuvering heat control and positioning. A wide range of accessories is also available to make controlling and mounting more versatile and convenient.

Reviewing Outdoor Heaters


You can expect many benefits from the Bromic Eclipse, Platinum, and Tungsten Collections. If you have weighed down your options and decided to invest in any of these outdoor heater series, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you find the best heater for your outdoor space.