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Color, form, and size are all subjective considerations. As you’ll see, they complement one another rather than compete. Let’s factor in these three key considerations when choosing the perfect fire glass for your home.



Choosing a color for your fire glass may be the most challenging (and most significant) decision because the purpose of reflective fire pit glass is to create a specific aesthetic. There are a plethora of possibilities. From cobalt and sapphire to ruby and emerald, blues, reds, greens, and purples are among the most popular. Onyx black or crystal for a glistening effect are both excellent choices. Amber-copper-chestnut fire glass creates an authentic look.

Don’t be afraid to seek fire glass colors that best suit your purpose, whether it’s something ancient and natural, new and trendy, complementing and subtle, or just bold.


Different manufacturing companies use different words to describe the type or form of fire pit glass rocks they offer. There are no agreed-upon terms or definitions for this phrase. These are the standard shapes, but if you’re unsure, you can always call us at dardenbuildingmaterials.com, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Beads or drops

These pieces of glass are the smoothest. They are oval or round and have no edges. You can also put them in your yard or patio to add a splash of color.

Nuggets or diamonds

Even though they are smooth, they are not perfect spheres or ovals. They look a little more natural because they aren’t perfectly shaped. But, it also means that they can fill up more space.

Fragments or crushed ice

These reflective tempered fire glass pieces look like glass shards, but picking them up and moving them around is safe. The shapes appear more random than the nugget-shaped ones. But, they tend to cover more area because they can be packed closely together. So, you only need a small number of them to fill an entire pit.


Fire glass for fireplaces can be as small as a quarter of an inch across or as big as an entire inch across (large). The most common size is one-half of an inch. Keep the following in mind when you think about the size.

Fire fit:

Generally, the fire glass pieces should match the relative size of the fire. Large pieces of fire glass will take over a small pit, but small pieces won’t easily fill up a large one. Companies give weight recommendations for how much fire glass will fit in your pit, usually in 10-pound increments. Keep in mind that small pieces will be closer together, so you will need more of them to cover an area effectively.


Small fire glass pieces can look awkward when placed in a large pit. Similarly, larger pieces can stand out too much when placed in a small pit. For aesthetic considerations, tumbled fire glass pieces that will not be used inside the pit may be used outside the fire pit. For example, bigger pieces can be used to decorate the garden, while smaller ones can line the walkway leading up to your gas fire pit.


Smaller pieces usually give off more heat than larger ones. So, properly arranging the fire glass pieces can help you save on fuel. But, since you’re dealing with such high temperatures, you might be unable to tell the difference in how much heat is given off, despite the arrangement.

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