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If you’ve been considering installing hardwood floors in your home, know that you’re not alone! See why they’re still one of the most popular choices in 2019.

An oak tree can live for 1000 years.

That is incredible. It is one example of the type of wood that can be used for hardwood floors. Just knowing the age and beauty of wood is in itself a charming reason to own anything made from wood.

Carpets are beautiful and tiling is sleek. These features of a home definitely have their place. Yet, a wooden floor offers natural beauty that is hard to compete with and resonates with our sense of nature and mother earth.

Why are hardwood floors popular still popular in 2019?

You can be forgiven for seeing the answer in the question. Well, if that is not crystal clear, here are some compelling reasons…

1. Timeless Quality

If you walk into a room with a beautiful wooden floor, it never goes unnoticed. It is a striking feature that shouts quality and craftsmanship and celebrates one of the most ancient skills of the human race. Our love and creative use of wood.

Plus, the attraction and appeal of wood never fades. It looks beautiful on day one and continues to look for decades. In fact, depending on your point of view, some would say that hardwood floors look better with age.

2. Adds Value

Wooden floors are synonymous with quality. They represent good taste and style. That hasn’t changed and so wooden floors will never go out of style. Wooden floors are not cheap and so they represent an investment.

Cheap flooring devalues your property. In contrast, high quality beautiful wooden floors add value. They are long lasting and durable and will likely outlast your stay in the property. When you come to sell, your wooden floor will pay dividends.

3. Easy to Clean

Wooden floors tick off many practical benefits that you would want to see when choosing a floor material. For example, not only are wooden floors beautiful they are easy to clean and maintain.

Wooden floors do not accumulate dust and dirt in the same way as carpets. The problem with carpets is that they hide dust and debris. Wooden floors do not. What you see is what you need to clean. Simple!

4. Renewable

When you read the above title, your first thought might be about sustainability. Very true. Wood that comes from a sustainable source is an excellent example of being environmentally responsible.

However, the term renewable also means that your wooden floor can easily be replenished. If it suffers bumps and scrapes and marks and anything you throw at it, the floor can easily be sanded down and restored back to beauty.

What mother nature offers, is often cleverer than the best engineers. A wooden floor rarely needs replacing. Check out this wooden floor example.

5. Variety

There are dozens of types of hardwood, each with its unique and beautiful patterning. Not only are the colors naturally diversified but the color can be changed according to your preference with wood staining and painting.

To put it simply, wood is an extremely flexible material that can produce an almost unlimited number of style options. Traditional to completely unique. It is up to you.

Hardwood Floors – Don’t be Floored

Yes, there are numerous options and yes the choice can be overwhelming. Hardwood floors offer a great deal of variety and never go out of style. What you need is advice from people who know what they are doing.

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