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Are you working on home repairs and upgrades? Do you think it’s time for your home to undergo replacement flooring? Here are 5 obvious signs you should!

The floors in your house go through a lot and it’s no surprise that they don’t last forever. From decades of people walking over them, they’re bound to fall into disrepair at some point.

From stains to cracks to scratches and more, there’s a lot that can happen to your floor. If left unchecked, these can become a health hazard and lower the value of your home too.

Wondering if you should get replacement flooring? Read on for 5 signs it’s time to do it.

1. Stains Won’t Go Away

Stains never look good and if you spend hours trying to get rid of a stubborn stain, it might be time for a replacement.

Stains happen all the time to flooring and it’s a natural part of life, especially with pets and kids. But if the stain has been there a lot time, the chances are it’s not going away.

If you’ve tried everything with no luck, it could be time for a replacement floor.

2. Cracks and Soft Spots Appear

From tile flooring to wood and vinyl, all different floors can get cracks in them. Cracks look unsightly and can compromise the structure of your flooring.

They can also make any guests uneasy when walking on it. Plus, they’re more susceptible to further damage. Soft spots are also a sign of rot or water damage which can be a pain to fix down the line.

If you notice cracks and soft spots on your flooring, it’s time to replace it as soon as possible.

3. It Makes Strange Noises

Is that strange creaking and groaning a ghost in the house? No, chances are it’s your flooring. Flooring that makes strange noises like this is usually old and needs replacing.

This is a sign that rot has taken hold and if left alone, it will only get worse. This means that it will be so much more expensive to replace down the line.

Noises are early warning signs of a bigger problem, so listen to them and take action before it gets worse.

4. Allergies are Getting Worse

Have you noticed that your allergies are only getting worse no matter what you do? Your floor could be the reason why.

Old flooring can trap dust and pollens which can exacerbate allergies. If you have carpeting, it’s more likely to be worse for you.

Replacing your flooring could stop your allergies fast and stop the sneezing!

5. You Want to Increase Your Home Value

Are you looking to sell your house and want to get the best price for it? Getting new flooring can make a big difference. More than 5.51 million homes are sold each year in the US, and a new floor can help you sell yours.

Not only will it reduce the risk of a safety hazard for new owners, but it will make the place look great too. It can help make potential buyers more interested in your property and you can make a faster sale.

It makes a lot of financial sense and it gives new owners one less thing to worry about.

It’s Time to Get Replacement Flooring Now

If any of these signs resonate with you with regards to your floor, it’s time to replace it. Replacement floors can save your home and health, so it’s something to consider.

Looking for replacement flooring for your house? Get in touch with us and we can help you out.