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New flooring is an investment that can cost a lot of money and may completely change the aesthetics of your home. So whether you have carpet that’s so plush, it’s like walking on pillows, or you have the sleek and endless hardwood floors of your dreams: it’s okay to want to boost them and show them off!

Still, showing off the floors and complementing them with other updates can seem difficult. So here are the remodeling projects you can do to make your new floors shine.

Adding Natural Lighting Into Play

How you light your home can impact how people view it! Consider updating your lighting or windows to allow the clearest light to fill your rooms. Avoid any light that’s too white or too yellow; aim for something in the middle that can visually appeal without being garish against your decor. Good lighting will show off how clean and new your flooring is.at to look at!

Natural Stone or Brick Walls

There’s nothing as beautiful rising from a hardwood-appearing floor as rough and natural-looking brick or stone. Accent walls have been in peak popularity for the last twenty years, with this style ranging from types of wallpaper to different paints: but take this contrast even further.

Using natural stone or brick for a full wall draws the eye upward, allowing the room to feel larger and changing the room’s tone. You don’t have to use darker materials, even a light stone or brick can bring this across, and it’s one of the few things that’s guaranteed to fully complement a sleek and new floor.

Fireplaces to Add a Special Flare

Some may assume that a house without a fireplace could never have one added on: luckily, they’re wrong! Adding a fireplace, whether electric, gas or fire burning, can add a lot of intrigue and beauty to a room. When you have new floors, just like adding or enlarging windows, adding a fireplace can allow for extra light to play off the slick new surface.

Fireplaces can allow a bit of heat to a surface that usually could only be heated with radiant floor heating, ensuring that you’re cozy with your new floors year-round.

Cast Stone Arches and Detail

Much like the natural stone or brick walls, cast stone arches can add a detail that many wouldn’t consider. Arches over doorways are impressive and can completely shift the look of a room. The texture of stone plays pleasantly against the smooth surface of new wood floors and gives any room an almost rustic den-feeling.

You can customize this with whatever keystones you choose, tying the room together efficiently, especially if you have a fireplace or other space that uses similar products. The best part of stone arches is that it allows for every space to feel more welcoming, inviting visitors to explore your home and see how beautiful your renovations and remodeling have turned out.

A Smooth Transition Outside

The best thing new flooring can do is make the transition between rooms, or between what’s inside or outside, as seamless as possible. If you have stone or tile flooring, consider continuing with that motif out onto your patio. This could mean creating an outdoor kitchen that feels like an extension of your indoor one, including the type of counters and appliances you use.

Clear lighting and a nice path led by interior handrails down steps or through the door can make it feel as though you’re simply stepping into another room. This blurring of the line between indoors and outdoors can carry a lot of weight in how people view your new floors.

Interior Doors That Will Guide You Through

If a guest’s eyes are on the new beautiful flooring you have, they may start to notice other things: like old and poorly maintained doors. So consider updating your interior doors so that they can aid the flow of your home.

This is a DIY project almost any homeowner can complete that will entirely change the look of every room you complete it on. Go for doors that match the style you’re going for, and consider what colors and types of interior doors stand out to you. Instead of being disappointed when their eyes land on an older entry, visitors can enjoy the beauty you laid out for them.

New Floors Should Be A Room’s Centerpiece

Although it may seem silly to say: if you’ve put all of this time and work into a new floor, you should be happy to show it off! Let people know how excited about the new floors you are, and design your home with these details in mind! As long as you keep the rest of your home looking cohesive, you can be sneaky about this design addition, and nobody will even realize they’re being led into what to look at!

Max Shafer is a contributor to the Innovative Building Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Max is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.