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If you’re considering adding hardwood floors to your home, it might just pay off when it’s time to sell.

Hardwood flooring plays a significant role in determining home value and how long it’s on the market. In fact, 54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors. Why is that?

Here, we’ll take a look at the correlation between hardwood flooring and home value and why it’s a top choice among homebuyers.

The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Increasing your home’s value isn’t the only benefit of hardwood flooring. So, what makes it so popular?

Hardwood floors are sleek, modern, and perfect for decorating. Instead of finding furniture that matches carpeting, hardwood’s neutral tones complement nearly any design style. When it’s time to redecorate, staining and sanding solid hardwood allows you to change your mind without completely changing the flooring.

Another benefit? Hardwood floors are fairly easy to clean and maintain.

Think about how devastating it is to drop a glass of red wine on light-colored carpeting. (Are you cringing yet?) While an attractive carpet adds charm to a home, the impossible-to-clean messes certainly don’t.

Dirt, dust, and spills on hardwood floors are simply wiped away without the stress of deep cleaning. What’s more, solid hardwood flooring can last decades with regular upkeep.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

There are two main types of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered.

Solid hardwood floors are traditional, solid wood boards milled from a single piece of wood. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floors offer the appearance of real hardwood but are comprised of multiple, thin layers of compressed wood. Engineered products are typically less expensive than solid options.

When it comes to hardwood species, these are the most common options:

  • Oak: Red oak’s rustic tones range from golden to rusty brown, and white oak has grey undertones without any red
  • Cherry: A smooth grain pattern with warm brown hues
  • Walnut: Deep, rich, chocolate tones with straight grain patterns
  • Hickory: A very durable option that offers mocha tones for a country-style appearance
  • Maple: A fine grain pattern with tones ranging from light cream to beige with hints of red

To help choose the best hardwood type, it’s helpful to consider which rooms it will go in, the foot-traffic level, and what style you’re hoping to achieve. (Are you going for a more classic or contemporary look?)

Why Home Buyers Prefer Hardwood Floors

When searching for the perfect home, many buyers are elated to walk into a room with hardwood flooring. While many still appreciate soft flooring in bedrooms, they tend to prefer hardwood in other areas of the home (especially high-traffic areas).

Besides their attractive appearance and easy cleaning, here are a few other reasons why buyers are willing to spend more on a home with hardwood floors:

Lower Risk of Allergens

Carpet tends to trap dust and other irritants, which can be a problem if you have allergies. You can gauge the cleanliness of hardwood floors by their appearance, but it’s tougher when it comes to carpeting.

Less Work

Homebuyers tend to look at carpeting as an unwanted project. Many will immediately rip it up after moving in, either to refinish the hardwood underneath or have a new option installed.

If hardwood floors top a buyer’s list of “must-haves,” it’s refreshing to find a home already complete with beautiful hardwood since it saves time, energy, and money.


Simply put, hardwood floors last longer than carpeting. While you may need to replace a carpet within ten years (or sooner), hardwood floors have been known to last centuries with proper maintenance.

If home buyers are trying to avoid home-improvement projects in the near future, they will often choose hardwood over carpet.

Increase Your Home’s Value With Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring brings a warm, cozy atmosphere to any room. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant touch or a rustic flair, there’s likely a hardwood option to match your personal style.

If you’re thinking of adding or replacing hardwood floors in your home, we have top-of-the-line wood options to fit your style and budget. Increasing your home’s value with hardwood flooring is easier than you might think, and we’re ready to help.

Contact us today, and let’s find the best hardwood floors for your home!