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With homeowners on the race to save on energy costs, choosing high quality replacement windows provide a window of opportunity in more way than one!

In the U.S., 87% of homes have air conditioner units.

While this is great news for those unbearably hot summer days, we have to wonder just how much energy goes into cooling our homes.

And then we have to wonder, of that energy used, how much gets wasted?

It’s safe to assume that the answer is a lot of it. Many people run their A/C units all day in efforts to keep their house cool.

Thanks to new technology, nobody needs to do that anymore. You can save energy and money by installing high-quality replacement windows.

Here’s how replacement windows can reduce your cooling costs.

How Replacement Windows Enhance Energy Usage

There are a few reasons why many people have to continuously run A/C in the summer.

The first is that the window isn’t completely sealed due to single-pane windows, improper installation, or the aging of window materials. If the outside isn’t completely sealed off from the inside, cold air will escape and hot air will enter.

To combat this, you can get double-pane replacement windows installed. This adds another important benefit, aside from cooling costs: it reduces moisture in your home, which reduces risks of mold.

In addition to leaks in your windows, single-pane windows often lack proper coatings or glazings.

While sunlight is beautiful and brings life to a room, it also brings the heat in through radiation. This is ideal in the winter months to optimize solar heating, but it adds extra warmth for your A/C to cool in the summer.

High-quality double-pane windows typically have coatings with maximum UV reduction. This reduces the radiation coming into your home while still allowing light to come in.

Plus, the double-pane allows for the space between panes to have gases, such as Argon or Krypton, between the panes that work with the coating to reduce UV rays.

Replacement Windows Are More Efficient

Since replacement windows reduce UV rays and airflow in and out of your house, they reduce the amount of heat in your home. Thus, you will save money cooling your home because your A/C won’t have to work as hard (or run as often) to keep the space cool.

Replacement windows, like double-pane windows, provide insulation to your home in all seasons, keeping the temperature at stable temperatures.

This is great for your own energy efficiency, as well as the energy efficiency of the world.

A/C units emit 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. This means that if you install windows that reduce A/C use, you’re helping reduce air pollution in the environment.

When to Get Replacement Windows

There are a handful of tell-tale signs indicating your windows need an upgrade.

If your home is more than 30 years old, your windows aren’t operating with advanced technology (such as the UV reduction coatings) and could use an upgrade.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean if your house was built in the last 30 years the windows are automatically efficient. New construction often cuts costs by installing cheaper windows.

If your windows are hard to open and close or show moisture on the glass or panes, it’s likely that you need new windows. The same advice goes if you’re paying ridiculously high electric bills to keep your house cool.

Upgrade Your Windows For Energy and Comfort

Don’t let your windows drag down your energy efficiency. Your house should be the place where you can get comfortable, which includes easily setting the temperature and keeping it there.

Contact us to find out how you can reduce your electric bill with replacement windows and increase your happiness.