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Transoms is just one window design trend to consider for 2020. Keep reading for the top 5 amazing window design trends for 2020.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling the one you live in now, there are certain elements that set the tone of the entire house. One such detail is the “eyes” of your home – the windows!

If you’re looking for the best in window design, keep reading to see our top five picks for this year’s hottest trends.

1. Bay Windows

Bay windows have been in for a long time – with good reason. They add space into the interior of a home while adding an architectural design element to the exterior.

A bay window is a window that curves out from the wall. Most are large, three-sided affairs that provide a window seat or nook within the room. They are commonly used in living rooms or studies to make a seat perfect for curling up and reading, or in a dining area to create a breakfast nook type of space.

You could also create a beautiful greenhouse type of space, as a bay window is the perfect living space for plants.

2. A Wall of Windows

If you really want to open your room up, create a wall of windows. You’ll be able to bring the outdoors in and pull plenty of natural light into your space.

This look is best accomplished with large, rectangle windows that don’t have a lot of trim work in or around them. In some cases, pairing windows with large glass doors can help achieve this look while creating a way to open the wall and truly pull the outside in.

Put your wall of windows in an area that opens to your backyard or offers a beautiful view of a surrounding natural view.

3. Windows Above Eye Level

Installing windows above eye level is an old trend that’s coming back again. Large windows placed high allow plenty of light to filter in while protecting privacy, making them perfect for spots like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Skylights fall into this category as well, although you’ll want to make sure you find one that is energy efficient and an experienced builder who knows how to install it, as skylights can leak when not installed properly.

4. Solitary Panels With Clean Lines

Curves and arches used to be all the rage, but architecture today prefers clean and straight lines. Large solitary panels are in right now, and they’ll stand the test of time.

5. Blinds Set Into Glass

You can find windows that have blinds pre-installed within panes of glass. They’re beautiful to look at, functional, and don’t require you to install light-blocking shades or curtains on the interior that have to be cleaned regularly.

The Best Window Design For Your Home

If you’re looking for the best window design options for your home, your best bet is to talk with an experienced builder who can help you decide what would look best in your home.

Call Darden Building Materials today to see what windows would look best in your house!