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It may be frightening to even think about planning the layout of your perfect backyard. Having so much room to play with may be frustrating. Before you decide to get into panic mode, remember to stop and take a deep breath. Planning a layout should be fun, not a chore. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll have your dream backyard all planned out in no time:

1. Decide what you want

That might sound silly or even a bit too obvious, but it’s a serious first step. Just sitting down and deciding that you will renovate your backyard is a massive step. There’s a lot just under the surface with that one “obvious” step.

The fun you can have in preparing your backyard’s layout is actually choosing what sorts of things you would like to do. So, if you’re a huge fan of cookouts or have neighbors that love their weekend gri lling get-togethers, then you might have to explore BBQ island choices. When you place a BBQ island in the backyard, you suddenly realize you’ve given yourself permission to grill anytime you want, exploring all kinds of grill-based culinary creations. Make cookouts a frequent thing, not simply a once-in-a-while ordeal. Suddenly, you’re the go-to grilling house because you have the best backyard setup in the neighborhood.

In case you love hosting family or friends for spring and summer evenings outside, think about including a water feature or possibly a fire pit where the kids can make Smores. Water features add curb appeal and their sounds are relaxing. Fire pits may be exactly what you need for brisk evenings outside, and don’t forget the Smores. Do you find yourself continually hosting your family and friends for games, but don’t want to always have everyone inside the house? Mix it up! Look into weather resistant outside televisions and sound systems. You will be cheering on your favorite teams from your backyard in no time.

Determine what you would ultimately like to do in the backyard and that will help you decide on your preferred layout. Consider breaking down the different aspects you have to consider when designing your complete layout (e.g., item orientations, views, lighting, utilities).

2. Make a budget

It is generally a good idea to decide on a budget before starting a large scale house project. After all, you don’t want to jump in with a pool and patio just to find you can’t afford the 6 foot fence your HOA and local law requires for all outdoor pools.

So, after you know what you want, figure out your budget and decide what you can and can’t realistically do. Then stick to it. No unnecessary debt has to happen if you stick to your budget, but that also means planning for anything that might go wrong. You need some wiggle room in the budget for those inevitable unknowns. Also remember to account for labor expenses. It is generally a great idea to allow professionals handle the setting up of much more permanent fixtures. Darden Building Materials is here to answer all your questions about product procurement, installations, and even providing professional recommendations for almost anything you need.

3. Pick out the bigger products first and accessorize later

As far as tips go, this is an efficient and simple tip to remember when planning any kind of design layouts. Do try your best to identify and make room for bigger products first. If perhaps you dream of a backyard with a walnut pergola, a water fountain, and an outdoor cooking station, then you’ll want to reserve the area for it. Know the square footage you are working with and the exact sizing of each element you are incorporating so you can ensure everything will fit before you order all of it and learn it can’t possibly work in the space you have. Also, even though it is a fun idea to have a few different fixtures in the backyard, you really don’t want to overcrowd the place. Balancing open space and fixture locations is truly an artform. Any decent contractor will help with that should you find yourself questioning layout options.

4. Leave space for greenery

Among the best parts about being outdoors is actually getting to enjoy nature in a way you just can’t truly access inside. Be sure you dedicate at least a part of your yard to plant life. It may be as easy as a flower plot or even as complicated as an entire garden with fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies. Regardless of what else you want to include, dedicate a percentage of your property to greenery. One option that might appeal to those not wanting to deal with the upkeep related to greenery is synthetic turf. AstroTurf is a high-end option in the world of artificial grass. It’s not merely about less upkeep; it can serve as the perfect element that balances out the number of features you want.

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