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  1. Vinyl Plank
  2. Natural Bamboo
  3. Cork Flooring
  4. Laminate
  5. Wood-look Tile

Flooring Waco TX: Which is the Best Hardwood Floor Alternative for Your Home?

Hardwood flooring can add value, beauty, and elegance to your home, but it’s ridiculously expensive. Dents and scratches are also inevitable. Fortunately, you can find several alternatives that allow you to achieve the visual appeal and durability of hardwood without the hefty maintenance cost. Here are the best hardwood flooring alternatives for your home. 

  1. Vinyl Plank

Today’s vinyl plank flooring is more versatile and durable than ever. It is waterproof, affordable, and provides a soft feeling underfoot. Vinyl plank resembles solid wood boards, so it is an excellent option for homeowners who need a wood-like option. It also resists dents, fading, and scratches. Plus, it’s easy to install and maintain. However, the lifespan of vinyl flooring is shorter than hardwood. It also has no impact on the resale value of a property. But if you want a hardwood alternative that looks like the real deal, you should consider vinyl planks.

  1. Natural Bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly hardwood alternative with a classic appeal. Compared to hardwood, bamboo stalks grow and mature in only three to five years. Older shoots result in studier and thicker boards, allowing young plants to grow more quickly. Bamboo flooring is also easy to maintain. To prevent marks and scratches from grime, dirt, and dust, you can sweep the floor using a soft broom once a day and place rags to protect it. Avoid high heels or footwear that can scar the floor.

  1. Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a renewable hardwood alternative available in both planks and tiles. This flooring is known for its ability to absorb noises and insulate, provide cushioned coverage, and repel mildew, mold, and insects. However, the same soft comfort makes it ill-suited for high-traffic rooms or areas.  Heavy furniture could also damage the floor.

Plus, it’s not resistant to moisture. But if you need a low-maintenance hardwood alternative, cork flooring will fit your needs as you can vacuum or sweep it once a week. Liquid spills must be cleaned immediately with pH-balanced products to prevent swelling or permanent stains. You can also apply protective finishes or wax once a year or as advised by the manufacturer.

  1. Laminate

Laminate offers the natural beauty of stone or wood without the costly upkeep. It is resistant to discoloration and stains, so this floor is ideal for rooms that experience daily foot traffic. Laminate flooring does not require special cleaning materials. You can keep it clean with regular mopping. Laminate has a short lifespan because it can’t be refinished, so you have to keep this in mind when deciding on your flooring.

  1. Wood-look Tile

Wood-look tiles can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms because it doesn’t swell or warp in areas with extreme moisture levels or temperature fluctuations. Plus, you don’t need to refinish or stain wood-look tiles since it doesn’t fade.

Natural Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Waco TX: Which is the Best Hardwood Floor Alternative for Your Home?

The options mentioned above are some of the best hardwood floor alternatives. If you need a durable, affordable, and waterproof option, go for vinyl planks. But keep in mind that it’s not eco-friendly because it’s not biodegradable or recyclable.If you’re looking for Earth-friendly options, choose bamboo or cork. The latter is also an excellent choice for those with joint or back problems as it absorbs shock. If you need something you can install anywhere, go for wood-look tiles. To learn more about Waco flooring options, consult our experts at Darden Building Materials. We can help you choose the best hardwood floor alternative that will suit your lifestyle and budget. Contact us for a free estimate today.