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Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows: Which style fits better in your home? We listed the differences between vinyl and aluminum window frames.

Windows impact your view of the world in a big way. It’s not only the glass, but the window frame also plays an essential role too.

Aluminum and vinyl both come with their good points, but is one material better than the other?

We’ve put together a short guide to help homeowners making the decision between aluminum vs vinyl windows. Take a minute and read this post before you choose your new replacement windows.

The Look of Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows

While you won’t notice so much when you’re on the inside looking out, from the other direction both of these windows look attractive.

You can order both aluminum and vinyl in a wide range of finishes and colors.

Enjoy the look of natural wood? Vinyl is available in a finish that resembles natural wood grain. You can also get the look of wood with aluminum, but the painted-on coating doesn’t look quite as realistic.

If you’re after a sleek, contemporary look, go with aluminum frames. The powder-coated enamel finish usually found on aluminum windows works perfectly for homes with a modern design style.

When it comes to looks, vinyl windows may have an edge over aluminum. Since the manufacturer bakes the colors into the vinyl, you’ll never repaint the frames. Aluminum windows, prone to chipping, will need additional investment to bring them back to their original luster.

Is One Window Frame More Durable?

If this is a contest, which it isn’t, vinyl might win over aluminum in the durability category. It’s easy to associate aluminum with strength and durability. After all, it’s metal isn’t it?

Vinyl windows, manufactured with multiple chambers and reinforced frames, make a stronger choice. They can handle the heat, the hail, and the wind common for homes built in Texas. The lighter weight aluminum is prone to dents and dings.

As far as maintenance, aluminum windows eventually need repainting. You also need to repair dents.

As long as you learn proper operating techniques for vinyl windows, you shouldn’t need to worry much about maintenance. Routine cleaning with a mild soap or detergent usually suffices and it only needs to be done once or twice a year.

Looking for an Energy-Efficient Window?

Living in a climate like Texas means you’ll appreciate a window that doesn’t absorb the heat.

If you’re deciding between aluminum and vinyl windows, keep in mind, aluminum absorbs heat. Vinyl window frames help prevent the escape of conditioned air (warm or cool). If you combine a vinyl frame with low-E glass and argon gas-filled glass, you’ll get the optimum energy efficient window available today.

Also, with their thicker frames, vinyl windows do a better job of minimizing noise from outside.

Need Help Selecting Replacement Windows?

Now that you understand a few of the differences between aluminum vs vinyl windows, it’s time to select the best window solution for your home.

If you’re still undecided, let our team help! We know windows and can help you determine which frames will work best in your home. Contact us today for a free estimate!