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Fireplaces have become a poignant design element in many homes. Apart from providing a cozy place for your family or friends, fireplaces are excellent conversation starters that can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and value. If you’re planning to build an indoor fireplace or upgrade an existing one, here are five popular designs in 2022.


  1. Fire Glass
  2. Room Divider 
  3. Minimalist Fireplace 
  4. Contrasting Background
  5. Go Big 


  1. Fire Glass

Fire glass is an excellent alternative to gas logs. Apart from being a vibrant addition to an indoor fireplace or gas fire pit, fire glass doesn’t discolor, melt, or burn. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about ash or soot build-up. If it gets dirty, clean it with water and dish detergent to restore its original luster. It’s also available in different colors and sizes, so finding the best fire glass for your fireplace won’t be a problem.

  1. Room Divider 

Apart from breaking up large open spaces, room divider fireplaces can serve as an excellent heating system as they can heat up extensive areas evenly. You can also choose from different styles. For instance, consider installing a peninsular fireplace if you want a light, spacious room with a show-stopping piece. It has three transparent panels, allowing you to see the adjacent space quickly and clearly. If you want to separate two full-sized rooms, use a double-sided fireplace. Furthermore, the glass enclosing the fire makes it a safer choice for families with small children.

  1. Minimalist Fireplace 

Instead of being bulky or intricate, minimalist fireplaces have neutral colors and simple designs to emphasize the flames. This design idea is an excellent option for those who want to update their living room with statement pieces like a show-stopping chandelier or velvet sofa. 

  1. Contrasting Background

Emphasize your fireplace by choosing a contrasting background color. Combining two different colors creates a dramatic and inviting visual appeal. For example, a vibrant green wall accentuates a warm-toned fireplace. If you want something glamorous yet mysterious, go for a black fireplace and white wall combo. You can also add some bright metallic and greenery to make it more dramatic.

  1. Go Big 

Large fireplaces with oversized chimneys and hearths will make an excellent centerpiece. One of the best things about large fireplaces is that they can make spacious rooms feel cozy and warm without sacrificing your privacy and space. These models are often complemented by wooden accents, heavy metals, and stonework, so they can also work as statement pieces in large rooms.


The above mentioned fireplace designs are some of the best options you can try in 2022. If you plan to upgrade your fireplace and have no idea where to begin, call Darden Building Materials. We can help you choose a fireplace that fits your preferences and budget. Contact us for a free estimate today.